Theory Test

There are 2 parts to the Theory Test, both to be taken at the same time:

  • Multiple Choice Questions Test
  • Hazard Perception Test

Multiple Choice Questions Test

Using a touch-screen computer, candidates must answer correctly at least 43 out of 50 questions to pass. The time allowed is approximately one hour. For more information

Hazard Perception Test

Candidates will be shown 14 Video Clips on a computer screen, each lasting approx 45 seconds, captured from a moving car. You must click the mouse to identify 15 "developing hazards" in total, ie one Video Clip will contain 2 developing hazards. Each clip may contain several ordinary hazards, but candidates should only click the mouse for those hazards which start to develop into a more serious situation, ie a "developing" or real hazard. The sooner you identify the developing hazard, the more points you score. Candidates must score at least 44 points out of 75 to pass. For more information

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